We would like to update you on some recent features enhancements:

  1. You can now attach additional files to your emails out of Xero. If you need to attach a contract, document or even a product picture with your invoice, now you can. See the help video from Xero:  https://help.xero.com/Filesonline.
  2. You can send Quotes with Expiry dates, additional notes and terms and conditions fields and more.
  3. You can track your inventory – Xero will also automatically calculate your stock value.
  4. Smart Lists – the ability to extract your client data based on a set of criteria. For use in marketing campaigns, collections and whatever else you can think of.

If you would like a 121 training session on these and other features specifically relevant to you, please contact us for more info. Otherwise enjoy these new enhancements, I am sure they will be very useful to many of you.