Working with Solpoint

Before we get into what working with Solpoint looks like, we should ask the question – do you need us? Who does need Solpoint? While we’ve got something for everyone, there are some businesses that will really benefit from our services.

  • Are you running a business with more than 5 staff?
  • Are you determined to grow and build a great business?
  • Are you sick of doing all the heavy lifting yourself?

If so…we sound like a good match! If you’re an entrepreneur with big ideas and an eye on growth, Solpoint is perfect for you – not just now but going forward, too.

Not only can we offer you a range of services to kick your small-to-medium business into high gear, you can easily add on more if and when you need them down the track. If you like doing Payroll yourself, you can keep taking care of that while we handle Receivables for you. But say business starts booming and you put on a few more staff – it’s quick and easy to pass the baton on to us as soon as you’ve had enough.

So…how does it all work?

1. Getting Started

The magic starts at onboarding – that’s when our expert accountants and business advisors sit down with you to go through all the in’s and out’s of your business.

Every business is unique, so this process is different every time – but by the end of it we’ll have a plan of attack that clearly describes:

  • What your business needs to succeed
  • What you can do differently to increase efficiency
  • What work we can take on so that you can focus on growth

Then we’ll get to work! This may involve:

  • Setting up you up with state-of-the-art accounting software,
  • Developing new, efficient processes for you and your business, and
  • Training you and your staff – we’ll tell you what info we need from you, and when.

We’re not interested in pushing services you don’t need – it’s a waste of money for you, and time and effort for us. Much better, we think, to build your business up to the point where you do need a given service.

Then your success is our success.

2. Working Together

So, you’re all set up and your business is purring along with Solpoint.
What does that look like? How does it work?

At least two team members will be working on your account. A senior accountant will regularly check their work, too, so you can rest assured that your financials are always in safe hands and your important jobs will always get done.

Day-to-day contact. Just because we’re not physically in your office doesn’t mean we’re not here for you. We’ll never insist on scheduling a call or make you ring at a certain time or day – whether it’s an emergency or a simple question, you can always talk to someone who can help (during business hours, that is!)

We’ll always be working for you. We don’t stop, even when all the bills are paid and all accounts reconciled – that’s just when the less-obvious work happens. We’ll monitor your business growth, analyse your budget forecasts, and keep you ahead of the curve on rapidly-changing business technologies.

The best bit: you’ll be freed up to do what you want. Now that you’re not bogged down on accounts minutiae, you can focus on growing your business, or chasing leads, or – gasp – maybe even working on that whole “work/life” balance thing?

One thing you should know about working with us:

We’ll tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it.

We’ll tell you when you’re going over budget, when you’re not operating as efficiently as you can, and when you need to make changes if you want to grow. But that’s what you want, right?

3. Tweaking your Package

Our modular, flexible services adapt to your business’ changing needs.

But what does that actually mean in practice? How do you actually change the services you receive? Give us a ring!

Any time you decide you’d like to start (or stop) a given service, just contact us and we’ll make it happen.

Is Solpoint what your business needs?

Then let’s work together – contact us now to get the ball rolling.

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