Here at Solpoint we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest online solutions to streamline process and improve efficiency for ourselves and our clients.

We have recently reviewed “Deputy” – trusted by 70,000+ businesses across the globe, it is a complete staff management toolkit that helps you have the right people in the right place at the right time. It is an employee management solution for hourly paid and shift based workers that integrates readily with Xero!

Features include:

Rostering and Scheduling

The rostering solution has a an easy to use interface with “drag and drop” features used to create shifts readily.

  • Publish Rosters and notify your employees over email or SMS.
  • Employees can self-manage their leave and unavailability.
  • Auto-Scheduling takes the guesswork out of building your shift structure. Accurately forecast how many people you need working at any time using multiple demand signals (like sales, foot traffic and bookings).

Time & Attendance

  • Easily track employee hours for greater payroll accuracy and insight into workforce productivity.
  • Start and stop shifts from your favourite device.
  • Easily review and approve timesheets prior to export.
  • Export to your preferred payroll platform in a just a few clicks.

Workplace Communication

  • Manage communication across multiple areas and locations.
  • Request confirmation to ensure your team have read attachments or confirmed attendance.
  • Message individual employees or your entire team.
  • Use the news feed for important company announcements


  • Assign tasks to team members. Get notified when they’re done.
  • With Tasks, you can schedule a task as a one off, or set regular tasks to repeat at certain times.
  • Add notes or checklists to any task to make sure nothing is missed.

On Site Time Clock

  • Clocking in and out has never been easier with the time clock app Kiosk that captures your employees as they start their shifts from your on-site iPad or Android tablet.
  • For greater piece of mind on break compliance, Deputy’s Break Planning on Kiosk helps to ensure that employees take the right break, at the right time.
  • Make sure nothing gets missed. Kiosk will immediately show your employees the tasks they need to complete during their shift, as soon as they clock in.


  • You can choose a plan that works for you – completing a free trial before committing to the service.
  • Pricing is per user – from $2 to $4 per user per month depending on your individual requirements.

For further product information head to the website: