I attended a free seminar today on One Page Business Plans, held by Navacue as part of the small business festival. What struck me apart from their inspiring way of doing business and willingness to give away their precious time and knowledge for free, is how the most successful businesses I see have a great accountant behind them. Accountants that don’t just lodge tax returns but those who are your advisers, the person that keeps you accountable in your business inspires you to greater heights. Most people think of accountants and financial advisor’s as dry and uninspiring, but in this day and age of technology taking over the menial compliance tasks, accountants and bookkeepers are having to become more and this is a massive win for businesses.

At Solpoint we have developed a network of accountants that work on the same wavelength as ourselves and hold the same values. Our jobs are not just keeping you compliant, our job is to guide you to get the most out of your business. To be brave and tell you when you’re not doing it right or you could do better. To be a sounding board for ideas and often facilitate links between business relationships.  Is your accountant giving you any of this? If the answer is no and you want more from your business and yourself start by engaging a good accountant.