Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Take a look at the FAQs below – and if there’s anything else you need to know, simply get in touch with us.


How long will it take to set up?

The timeframe to set up a new client varies depending upon the range of services you implement and whether we need to in some cases arrange a data feed from your nominated bank.

Typically, from the time you sign your service agreement we can have you up and running in a matter of weeks. We want to make sure we have everything in place to ensure a seamless implementation so please make sure you provide us with all necessary information as soon as possible.

How do I accept a contract proposal?

Once we have agreed the services you want us to deliver, Solpoint will issue you with an email that contains a link to an online contract proposal. This online system is known as “Practice Ignition”.

Simply click on the link in the email to view an itemised list of projected fees and charges.

Step 1              Review the Charges
Step 2              Enter your Payment Details
Step 3              Sign and Accept

Please read your terms of service as it contains important information regarding the scope and conditions of this proposal. To electronically sign, type your name, accept the terms and click accept proposal.


What happens with my BAS and lodgement due dates?

We have an extra month on quarterly lodgements, so don’t worry if you don’t get your June BAS until August.


How does the pricing work?

You will be quoted an annual fixed fee price. This will then be billed at agreed intervals ie weekly, monthly etcSo the 12 month fee will be divided evenly over the billing period for your convenience.


What’s the best way to provide casual staff hours?

Start and finish times with breaks is the best way to provide this info, that way we can check for any special pay-rates for the times and ensure the calculated time worked is correct.

We can provide a manual timesheet template or if you have 10+ staff, a time and attendance system could be the solution for you.

How do I pay my Super?

We use Xero’s Auto-super which allows you to simply pick the day that you wish to pay and we will do the rest.

Can I ask you HR questions?

You can ask us for assistance, we can help with some basic items, however as HR is a whole large area of expertise, so we engage a HR professional company to help with advice. For a small fee we can ask any HR question to our experts, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the advice.

For more complicated or extensive HR issues or needs, we would direct you to a service that is appropriate.

Accounts Payable

Why can’t you just pay my bills whenever I send them?

We run scheduled pay-runs to ensure that proper process is followed and to help you get your business as organised as possible. These processes are important to provide you with the security and quality that our service is known for.

Our process also has your cashflow in mind to ensure that all of your liabilities are visible and prioritised each pay-run. No more paying that water filter guy and then being short for the rent or electricity bill!

Urgent payments are charged as an additional service fee, as we need to take time away from other clients to accommodate them and ensure all processes are followed for a single payment, which loses quite a lot of efficiency.

Please ask us for help if you are having trouble trying to organise your bills to be within a scheduled system. As we know there are many reasons why you may have an urgent payment, we also know many ways to help get on top of these things and get you organised and in control again.

Accounts Receivable

Do you undertake Debt Collections?

Yes, we do operational soft collections, which means we will manage the debt to a certain agreed point, maintaining good relations with your client.

If the debt has become uncollectable by us, we will ask your permission to refer it to a specialist debt collection agency on a no win no fee basis.


What documents should I be sending through?

Please send all financial documents including:

Bills, receipts, remittances, commission or sales reports of funds received, employee documents, timesheets, bank, credit card and loan statements (if not on a bank feed), new purchases of assets such as cars or equipment and any loan documents to go with them, leases, property sales and purchase settlements, even copies of contracts that have monetary value to them.

Why do you need my bank statement if I have a bank feed?

We need to check from time to time against the proper bank record to ensure the Bank feed is working perfectly.

How do I send my documents to you and how often?

This will be detailed in your procedure, however in general send to your unique email that is in your communication guide or by post.  Please let us know if you would like a self-addressed envelope. If you would like to also use an app to record your Credit / Debit card receipts, ask us how to sign up for that. (Receipt bank)

Additional Services

Can you fill-in when my staff are away?

Some of our clients have in-house staff that we work with closely to do parts of the accounts tasks, that’s just how flexible we are. If your staff are away, chances are we can fill in for them so you can get on with business. Please do give us a bit of warning so we can prepare, but if an emergency we have also been known to step up and help out.

What if I want more?

Please let us know if there is any further services or tasks you may like us to do. If you are not sure if we do that, just ask, we have a large suite of services to help operate over 300 entities accounts, so you never know unless you ask.

Contacting Us

Can my staff contact you directly?

Absolutely – we happily take calls and emails from any of your staff, suppliers, clients or other stakeholders. We will however not always answer all their queries.

For some areas we need your explicit authorisation to reveal information, or we may think there is another good reason for not discussing a matter with them, we will seek your approval first.

How often will you check my unique email address, what should I do if I need urgent attention for a matter?

Generally, our staff will check for your correspondence in line with our scheduled work for that job / task.

If you have a more urgent item that needs to be addressed in between jobs, please indicate this in your correspondence as “Urgent”, our system will pick it up and prioritise that for you. Alternately if super urgent, please give our office a call as this is the quickest way.

Who do I ask for help at Solpoint?

During your set-up with us we will advise you of the team members working on your account. However, you may contact our office and speak to other staff who will try to help if they can, or ensure your query is handed to the right person.