Who is Solpoint?

Ah, that’s a tricky question, because Solpoint isn’t just a person – we are a whole accounts team, handpicked specifically for a broad range of specialties, approaches and even languages. Whatever it is that your business needs – a highly-efficient accounts clerk, perhaps, or a no-nonsense receivables specialist? – we’ve got the right person for you.

There are, however, a few traits we share in common. We’re all:


Everybody here is a qualified accountant, bookkeeper or accounts clerk. We’re all numbers-nerds, too, and insatiably-curious problem-solvers, and we’re determined to always stay on the cutting edge of business technology. Seriously: it takes a special sort to work at Solpoint.


As much as we know about business efficiency (spoiler: quite a lot!), you still know your business better than us. That’s why we work so closely with our clients – to find out what you need, what you can do with a little help from us, and what you’d like us to take off your hands.


This is where having a team really shines. Whether you’re after a regular meeting, urgent help or just a quick bit of advice, we’re only a phone call away. In-house bookkeepers are good, but they’re only one person – we’ve got as many people as you need, for whatever you need, whenever you need us.

Meet the Team

Josie Ludwig,
Founder and Managing Director

Josie is an experienced Management Accountant and cloud accounting go-to-guru. She’s a Registered BAS Agent with expertise and experience in complicated and day-to-day accounting, corporate structures and GST.

Josie has assembled a team that really cares and proactively supports Solpoint clients to overcome hurdles and make the most of business opportunities. And when she visits your office you can pick her brain for interior design ideas, too.

Chris Ludwig,
Operations Manager

Chris has bookkeeping and advanced payroll qualifications, plus over five years’ experience in logistics and organising, so he’s perfect as our Operations Manager. He really is quite versatile – in addition to handling accounts and books, Chris is our resident IT guru.

He’s super organised so he keeps the Solpoint crew in line, online and connected to you.

Clinton Lee,

Clinton is a dedicated, efficient team member who cares greatly about making sure the job is done right. He is street smart and well qualified to take care of business. He also comes with a vast array of knowledge of great places to eat and experience in Japan and a wealth of movie and book recommendations.

Ha Pham,

Ha is the quiet achiever. Soft spoken but determined and efficient, she gets the job done and then some! Quick to pick up anything that comes her way, she is a great asset to the team. She has a masters in accounting, so watch out, she’ll be moving up the ranks in no time.

Tung Nyugen,
Compliance Manager

We like to think of Tung as our ‘can-do’ guy. He is a degree-qualified accountant who hails from Vietnam, so he can do the numbers in a couple of languages. Tung is extraordinarily quick to learn and take on a range of tasks that can support your compliance and business bottom line.

Annie Zhang,
Accounts Clerk

Hardworking, dedicated and customer-focused, Annie is skilled in many areas of accounts operation, with experience in the SME sector in particular she likes to build relationships and pave the way for good things to happen. She is also an avid baker, so check in with her if you need any good tips and tricks in the kitchen.

Dane Clasen,
Accounts Clerk

Dane is enthusiastic newcomer to accounting, but not to business. Having managed several retail stores and having roles in various areas, has gained him invaluable insight into the business world.

Ivy Chen,
Director & Partner

Ivy is a CPA Accountant with 10+ years’ experience. She’s got an eagle eye for cashflow management, and is renowned for identifying issues, troubleshooting problems and guiding clients to better results. It’s Ivy who oversees accounting outcomes for clients and keeps the Solpoint workflow ticking along.

Patrick Josephs,
Business Services Accountant

Positive and easy-going, Patrick has a variety of accounting experiences that lends itself to helping you manage your business, getting the accounts right and reconciled.



Madalene Taylor,

With her bubbly personality Madalene – or “Maddy” – is a great point of contact for our clients. Her quick problem solving helps our customers fight their fires everyday. Having a family full of small business owners has given her the perfect edge in knowing just what your business should be looking to be successful.

Rebekah Wong, 

Rebekah is a highly accredited and experienced Accounting professional. She is a member of the IPA, AFA and MIML – just to name a few – and has more than 18+ year experience in a number of multinational corporations including Boeing, Amdocs, Syniverse and Texas Instruments.

Rebekah has worked in accounting and finance across the Asia Pacific Region including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia.

Ana Rivera
Assistant Accountant

Ana blew us away in her interview with her Xero and accounting knowledge. Although she is still studying she is already highly experienced and fast becoming an integral part of the Solpoint team.



Jane Gregarios

Jane is a cheerful and dedicated addition to the team with many years of customer service experience in a range of fields. She is the first point of contact for customer enquiries and will always go above and beyond to ensure the best customer experience is made. She also holds a bright, creative spark and is a part of the marketing division, bringing the visions of Solpoint to life.

Maristel Dacanay,
Accounts Clerk

Maristel is a determined and hard working mother of three. She is practical and diligent when it comes to her work, but also pleasant and good company.



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