Bookkeeping Experts

Solpoint delivers smart business solutions that point you to profit. We’re curious problem solvers who are on the lookout to discover the hidden value in your books. We’ve become a trusted resource for small to medium sized businesses who value quality work, efficient systems and expert advice. Our bookkeeping clients range from start-ups to investment property owners and complex businesses with multiple entities.
The qualified and experienced Solpoint team are big on customer service and facilitating business success. We work hard to save you time and make you money by using the latest in technology and cloud based systems. We work collaboratively so that you always have access to an expert who will help.
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Business Know How

We are more than just an individual

Solpoint is a multi-lingual bookkeeping and accounts team with business know how. We’re here to provide you with smart business solutions to point you to profit. Whatever your industry, we utilise skills and systems to save you time and money. Our experience and the technology at our fingertips sets you free from finance hassles. That means you can focus on doing and growing your business.

Business Know How

We go the extra mile

We’re a bookkeeping team that really cares. Solpoint’s friendly experts are interested in your business success. Our approach goes beyond compliance and ticking the box at tax time. We’re here for the long haul to support you to overcome hurdles, avoid mistakes and make the most of business opportunities. Efficient systems are at the heart of our approach to bookkeeping. That means you can expect great customer service from an organised team. But our efficiency will also become part and parcel of your own finances. Solpoint’s innovative accounting solutions empower small to medium business owners with security and knowledge to supercharge your business.

How we can help

We think about how to improve your business

Solpoint is here to boost your business performance. We’ll take away the hassle of bookkeeping and sort out those ‘to do’ lists that have been causing you sleepless nights or hours of admin. With our quality systems and processes in place, your accounts and filing will contribute to your business rather than distract you from it. Our big picture perspective and problem solving means we support clever business management. We can help you to set-up your business, respond to a tax audit, identify financial security risks, deal with GST registrations or learn how to treat capital assets, for example. Our team can deliver real dollar figure benefits to your business by uncovering the risks of fraud or theft, get the GST refunds you didn’t know you were entitled to, highlighting tax implications and advising you when to devise a solution with your accountant. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.