About Solpoint

Solpoint  was started in 2010 by Josie Ludwig with a vision of creating a bookkeeping firm that provides clients with a great level of expertise and care for their clients.  Solpoint aims to bring a systemised approach to bookkeeping for clients, so as to bring them organised efficient service and leave time to provide those extra little things that can help further your business and recognise and prevent current future hurdles that your business may face.

Solpoint’s vision is to deliver innovative accounting solutions to empower small to medium business owners with the best security and knowledge they can get to help them identify opportunities and prevent hazards as and when they arise.

In essence to unlock the hidden value in their books.


More reasons to choose Solpoint:

We are more than just an individual

Many small business owners struggle with their bookkeepers as they are individuals who are subject to illness, urges to go on untimely holidays or even just stop being a business and go back to employment. They have little or no support or back-up, undocumented and often out-dated processes. There is also no one for them to be accountable to except to you. Have you got the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and check your bookkeepers work? Even a franchisee of the most successful bookkeeping companies, are individuals who just obtain leads and minimal support from their head company.

At Solpoint we are not just an individual, we are a company providing a process and a proven bookkeeping system. A system that is followed by all of our employees, so no matter what happens to the individual Solpoint can deliver your accounts on time and to the same high quality standard that you should expect. Where one person leaves off another can instantly fill their position, knowing exactly how the accounts were maintained and how to continue them seamlessly.

Founder Josie Ludwig, beleives that in order to best serve clients we need to eliminate the pitfalls that can undo them. We need to do more than just help clients meet their compliance obligations. But instead treat their business like our own and care about every aspect of the business. If we see a potential problem, we will identify and inform you and then help you to overcome it.

We go the extra mile

We have helped people in all manner of areas such as set-up of their business, Tax Audit help, recognising potential financial security risks, incorrect GST registrations, incorrect treatment of capital assets that should be considered trading stock and many more.

We also offer help to organise your accounting practices and filing systems, sometimes its the simplest things that cause us sleepless nights or hours of wasted time, like trying to find that bill to get a refund, but not having done your filing for two years!


Do you have the expertise to not only run your business, but audit and monitor your accounting staff? Most business owners recognize the fact that they may not make good bookkeepers, what you may not realize is that there are a raft of skills involved in completing all of your bookkeeping requirements, one person may not give you all the expertise you require. Additionally are you confident that your bookkeeper is competent in all areas? Our hiring process involves testing and grading potential staff on their abilities, not just relying on what they have given us on paper. Our employees are qualified and have the back-up of developed systems and other staff to ensure your accounts are completed correctly.


More than ever these days analysing risk plays a large role in a business owners life. For growing companies it is always a struggle to balance cost and risk. Can you afford to take the risk of losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to a bad bookkeeper? We have delivered real dollar figure benefits to businesses such as discovering and analysing the risks of fraud or theft, helping them receive GST refunds they didn’t know they were entitled to, saving them from major tax implications by indicating when there may be an issue and to check with their accountant for a solution.