Inspiration from my Accountant??

I attended a free seminar today on One Page Business Plans, held by Navacue  as part of the small business festival. What struck me apart from their inspiring way of doing business and willingness to give away their precious time and knowledge for free, is how the most successful businesses I see have a great accountant behind them. Accountants that don’t just lodge tax returns but those who are your advisers, the person that keeps you accountable in your business inspires you to greater heights. Most people think of accountants and financial advisor’s as dry and uninspiring, but in this day and age of technology taking over the menial compliance tasks, accountants and bookkeepers are having to become more and this is a massive win for businesses.

At Solpoint we have developed a network of accountants that work on the same wavelength as ourselves and hold the same values. Our jobs are not just keeping you compliant, our job is to guide you to get the most out of your business. To be brave and tell you when you’re not doing it right or you could do better. To be a sounding board for ideas and often facilitate links between business relationships.  Is your accountant giving you any of this? If the answer is no and you want more from your business and yourself start by engaging a good accountant.


Super Stream is coming 1st July 2015


As of the 1st July 2015 employers with over 20 staff must comply with super stream requirements. This means all super must be lodged electronically. There are many options available to comply with Super Stream, such as the ATO clearing house, which now accepts businesses with up to $2 mil turnover, your default employer fund may have a clearing house option, use another 3rd party clearing house or accounting software with this option built in such as Xero. Solpoint provide payroll services and can help you to set-up a super stream compliant solution.

What happens at my Free Consultation?

Here at Solpoint we give every prospective customer a free one hour consultation to go through what you and your business need to have an efficient easy way to complete your compliance obligations as well as run your business. Your accounts are used for far more than just what the ATO requires. You need to invoice debtors, collect what is owed to you, see how your business is doing so you can make timely decisions about direction and products.

We sit with you for one hour and go through all the pain points in your business financial operations and come up with a plan to implement solutions that will put you back in the drivers seat of your business and give you peace of mind that your business is on track and where you want it to be.

We utilise a range of cloud based tools to develop an overall plan to address your problems and with our ongoing services we also let you know when we recognise an area that you could improve and guide you on how to do that.

We are more than just bookkeepers and BAS agents, we help free you from the burdensome admin and compliance work and get on with creating, growing or maintaining a successful business.

Xero Updates

We would like to update you on some recent features enhancements:

  1. You can now attach additional files to your emails out of Xero. If you need to attach a contract, document or even a product picture with your invoice, now you can. See the help video from Xero:
  2. You can send Quotes with Expiry dates, additional notes and terms and conditions fields and more.
  3. You can track your inventory – Xero will also automatically calculate your stock value.
  4. Smart Lists – the ability to extract your client data based on a set of criteria. For use in marketing campaigns, collections and whatever else you can think of.

If you would like a 121 training session on these and other features specifically relevant to you, please contact us for more info. Otherwise enjoy these new enhancements I am sure they will be very useful to many of you.

MYOB Conversions to Xero

Just an update to let everyone know that we have affordable packages to convert your existing data from the desktop versions of MYOB including historical data. No need to wait until the new financial year, get your conversion done now to avoid the rush!

Digital Document Signing

Have you thought about signing documents electronically? It is now widely accepted for many documents to be digitally signed and there are many tools on the market to do it. As tax professionals we are required to collect your signature on many documents for compliance and best practice reasons. Here is a free way to sign the documents we send you digitally to eliminate the need to print sign and scan them back in.

1. Make sure you are running the latest Adobe Reader

2. Open the Fill & Sign Tool

3. Create your signature

4. Insert into Document.

5. Use Add Text to fill in any fields like the date.

6. Save the file electronically for your records and email back to sender.

Quick Update – Super Co-contribution Thresholds

Just a quick post to update you on this year’s government co-contribution amount for this financial year and next for those of you intending to take advantage of this:

Co-contribution income thresholds


Maximum entitlement

Lower income threshold

Higher income threshold









Store your documents in Xero Cloud Accounting Software

For all you Xero users out there or for anyone considering using Xero or asking us to use it with them, I just wanted to update you on the new files feature that Xero released this year. This feature allows you to store your financial docs in Xero or “On the cloud”. You can either upload the files into Xero directly or you can email them. Each company file in Xero has a unique email address for you to use.

 Some of the ways to get the best out of this feature include:

Emailing Files directly into Xero from your phone – load your Xero email address into your smartphone and simply take a photo (or use a scanner app) of your document and email straight through.

  • Receipts / Dockets

Email or upload documents from your PC

  • Bills and statements
  • Remittances from clients
  • Reports from other industry software or CRMs
  • Loan documents / lease schedules
  • Property contracts and settlement statements

To see a demonstration of how to use files follow this link to the Xero website:

If you wish to find out more about Xero and assess whether it would be good for your business, please contact us to discuss suitability and pricing for your business.

“Solpoint” is now officially Trademarked!

We are celebrating the official acceptance of our trademark today! Six months ago we applied for a trademark and it has finally arrived, an offical certificate of acceptance of our logo and name.

One more thing to tick off the list of the master plan. Next item on the agenda finalise our system documentation, now thats a chunky one!

Want a new company – Fast?

I don’t endorse products very often, however one product I would like to put out there as a great service and fantastic company is Shelcom Corporate Services. Go to the source of where companies are made, Shelcom online services have been delivering innovative ways of forming entities and legal documents for many years. They are at the forefront of fast easy ways to create, manage and deliver your new company or trust right to your door. Easy online ordering and professional friendly service that I have been enjoying for many years, with more innovations to come in the near future.

Check out their Free Business Structure Wizard, a really handy tool. They can also manage your ongoing ASIC compliance for a small annual fee, simply the easiest way to form a new business!